What should a longtime houseguest bring?

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What should I bring some friends of a friend I'm staying with on Maui from Santa Cruz, Ca? They live up country, have two kids (a teenager and a 7-year-old). What's expensive there and would be appreciated -- California wine? steak? nuts? Need to know asap. Am leaving Jan. 5. Thanks much.

-- Tracey Kaplan (tkaplan@montereyherald.com), December 30, 2002


Hello looking to move to Hawaii I came across your message. I am a mother of two boys 6 and 8. The 8 year old would probably love Yu-gi-oh staff like trading cards, they love it cause they can collect them, each card has powers and could defeat the oponent. OR "The BeyBlade top" is a rip cord top this one is may personal favorite and I know He will love it. They are also very inexpensive and a hot toy. U better get two of them so he can compit with a friend or family...Teenagers always apreciatte clothing no matter where. The Growing ups, the Dad could use a Multi-tool always fun for a guy, u know look at Home Depot they always have staff like that and is very affordable, the Mother a Nice pictuer frame not in wood but something sparkly, so she knows it came from Cali not the woods ro a cute sweater, try to stick with early-SOFT colors (get a Girl to help u on this one)like Black or Beige or Blue jean color or Soft Pink. OR a very nice! Note pad for her receipes.

I hope this help, people always love my gifts and the Staff I suggested is very Hot an inexpensive....if u can let me know how is the living there, cause we would like to live there. Have fun!. Erica

-- Erica Bazalar (Erica@Bazalar.com), December 19, 2004.

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