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I would like to know what I need to make my own VCD or DVD fro my video tapes. Which HW and SW I need.


-- Julius Mikula (, December 30, 2002


For make your own VCD or DVD from your Vide tapes. You need a 1] Video Casate Player :- for vidio output 2] video grabing card in your computer :- (like grand vcd2000 plus ) For capture the vido from video tape. 3] Video grabing software :- Which is available with grabing card. 4] CD Writer (& CD Writing Software ): - For Write the VCD. or 4] DVD Wtiter(& DVD Writing Software):- For Write the DVD.

-- Sachin Nikalje (, December 30, 2002.

and i wudnt bother creating a dvd from it..........wud be a great waste of money for the discs and the space.....stick to vcd. be better

-- NooDleS (, December 31, 2002.

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