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Hi Doc my name is Anastasia Jones I was diagonosed with LCPD at 22yrs of age after years of pain and limping and my hip popping out. Since then I have had 8 operations the last being a revised hip fusion in 95' after trying to insist on a hip replacement as i was promised one back in 80'.The ortho surgeon I had then said when you are forty. Now they are saying they don't think they can do it because the femur may be too soft inside but how do other people go from a fusion to a THR if that is the case. I have a swollen right knee (LCPD is in rt.hip) most days and my back aches. I never wanted the fusion but they talked me into it. I am housebound and have started to refuse to go anywhere with my family as it is just not worth the trouble to go anywhere and just sit there. I want a life. My question is why can't I have a THR I am 44years old and all I have known is pain and not even being able to walk any sort of distance without resting sorry if this sounds like winging but they never listened to me as a child - it was growing pains or I was just trying for attention I just can't seem to get anyone-" ortho doctors-" to understand that I just want a life .By the way I am in Melbourne Australia Yours sincerely Anastasia Jones

-- Anastasia Jones (, December 30, 2002


Hi my name is Anastasia Jones 2!! Hope you feel better!!!

-- Anastasia P. Jones (, January 29, 2003.

Update Update Update I am getting my hip replaced in April I finally found a doctor who will do it . They found spine damage because the way I walk and this will stop it getting worse Yeh I AM SO HAPPY Anastasia JOnes

-- Anastasia Jones (, February 05, 2003.

A total hip replecement can still be done after osteotomy, although it is a difficult procedure and requires an experienced surgeon.

-- Timothy S. Johnson, M.D. (, April 23, 2003.

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