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I want to know about analysis of THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF THE USHER by Edgar Alan Poe. Evrything all:plot, theme, character, seeting, mood, synopsis or summary. Thank you very much.

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2002


While hammering out my "The Fall of the House of Claus" for Christmas, I had occasion to revisti this story. Unfortunately you are asking a good deal. First you have to simplify the tale to reratin the original emotional inntent THEN tear it apart in typical academic categories, which can be a lot of drudgery. Try to focus on the poem as the genesis or acorn of the story. The theory of correspondence(French term from Baudelaire's poem)is drawn from the poetic blending of body, abode,and mind in conjoined symbiotic and organic process of decay, actaul and metaphysical. Then the story becomes an example that envelops this theory and exemplifies it at the same time in the mind, body and House(building AND family) of Usher.

-- Anonymous, January 04, 2003

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