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In the middle of January we will be planting a new A.M.E church in Missoula, Montana. We are thrilled for a group of africans from kenya, namibia and south africa asked for an A.M.E church. Our Bishop said yes they could have an A.M.E church. We need your prayers and I am asking that you put us on other prayer chains. The world church of the creator a white supremacist group is now headquarted in Missoula. You may remember this group from a few years back when one of their members killed several people because they were jewish or black. Another of their members took a day care center hostage several years ago. They have been actively recruiting in Missoula and several human rights groups have been fighting them and staging protests against them. We will plant our church there. I have been dealing with these groups for 10 years with my own human rights group called the Montana hate free zone. We will have a lot of support from the city, I have no doubt about that. God calls us to plant his churches where there is darkness so there will be light.

I am enclosing the web site address so you can read about the leader of the group it is


Our church is excited and we are busy making plans. Please pray for us that we will have God's protection. Thank you so much.

*Can someone do a link?

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2002

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