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The funniest thing happened in church today and I just have to share it with all of you. When we were ready to take the offering my daughter asked if one of our three year olds wanted to pass the basket around. She beamed with pride and started to go to each person, the first people she went to was her parents, they put money in the basket, the little girl looked at them and said "That's not enough, put some more in the basket please" they did. She went to every person and just stood there until she thought they had put enough in the basket. I have to add people went back into their wallets a couple of times. This little girl was taking her job serious. Then she presented for the offertory prayer. We were laughing hysterically because she took her job seriously and she would not move until there was enough in the collection plate. Well we all decided she will be our junior usher. I also have to add that two weeks ago she and her family attended first A.M.E in L.A and what impressed them the most were the ushers! They were so kind to them and the formation they described sounded like a drill team. Don't forget our ushers they are the back bone of the church.

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2002



It is good to hear that our children are being used and made to feel valued. In the Congregation I serve,I call a child to hold the plate/in our case basket.The practise is that congregants come forward to bring their offering. The motivation behind the child holding the basket is to let them see people give.It is also important that our children be part of our worship services.This validates their presence in the service. They stand proud and I know feel important that they have such an important task to do. I will discuss the junior ushers with the leadership of the congregation.SMILE

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2003

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