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Hello, I read a question and I could not find the answer so I'll try asking it my self. I was wondering how I could get a job at National Geographics?

-- Mallory Quimby (, December 28, 2002


I'm asking my self the same !!! Did you receive any answer about this ??? Sorry of frustating you w/ another question.

rgds diego (fm argentina)

-- diego costantini (, May 11, 2003.

-- Somara (, November 20, 2003.

If i were you i would create a first class portfolio full of traveling documentry, landscape, portrate and texturized shots then ring them up, book an appointment and go show them what you've got. If you get tere and they take you oin please remember me and that im just like you trying to get a opening there GOOD LUCK! x

-- Catherine Patricia Clakr (, March 09, 2004.

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