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I have read on a few sites that the general opinion is that aeon flux should be brought back to television. Is this really what we want? people have been encouraged to flood mtv with emails and whatnot encouraging the re-airing or aeon flux and or liquid television. It is my opinion that these things should be kept sacred. I know a lot of stupid people that i dont think deserve to watch aeon flux. maybe i'm just selfish, but the maxx and the head and aeon flux and the like should be kept a secret. i read in one of the posts that someone was reading "the beach", and i think the same principle applies. this is our haven, and we must keep it a secret...

-- trent riley (, December 28, 2002


In reality it doesn't matter what we do since we fanatics are a pretty miniscule fringe group and the days of "edgy alternative culture" as a marketable image are long gone.

On your point about keeping it in the circle, I think that's kind of an elitist sentiment and it would be a shame to see interest in these works die out as the years go by. Let's keep hyping the show(s) to those who might be interested, and hopefully they will grow to attain a hint of the recognition they so clearly deserve.

-- eskimonkey (, December 28, 2002.

Well you probably found out about Aeon when it was originally aired to a mainstream audience. So what would the difference be between them airing it back then, and now? It'd be nice to get some younger people back interested in it. Anyway I don't really care what happens either way. The show will always be remembered...

There was "stupid people" that got to watch Aeon Flux when it was shown on MTV originally, what would be the difference between that and now?

-- Derek (, December 30, 2002.

I agree with the general tone of this. I show Aeon to just about anyone that will sit still, and I'd love to see it air again. So what if "stupid" people see it? Maybe it will better them to consider all the depth of the show. It certainly won't devalue my experiences with the show. Heck, maybe they'd even re-release the eps on DVD!

Mainstream isn't necessarily bad. If the artist doesn't sell out his work, that is. But I don't think Mr. Chung has ever been in any danger of doing that.

-- skye (, December 30, 2002.

I actually had to go all out of my way to hunt down, first of all, the very name of this series that I saw on MTV as a series of shorts so long ago. And then I went out and bought the tapes. To me, this was the test. I was so curious and moved by the characters that I was compelled to take it upon myself to search for the episodes. I wouldn't want Chung to bring back Aeon Flux with MTV being all nutty about it- that would only mean unreasonable deadlines and rushed production. MTV isn't even a really good network for this kind of art form anymore either; it's too commercial, too mainstream. Aeon Flux is a special place for a lot of us, but I wouldn't like it less if it were more mainstream. It would be nice if Peter Chung got more props tho (and $$). ;)

Oh, and Happy New Year people... :D

-- cynical (, January 07, 2003.

As I made clear in my most recent post in this round on the board,I've damn well given up of TV. I'm starting to give up on people who enjoy TV, too. I say the hell with 'em. Let our beloved old series migrate across the digital gulfs and go to people who actually want it.

Peter's made clear that he doesn't get any more cash for Aeon Flux, and do you really care to spend your time and effort in a campaign to shore up MTV? Let Aeon Flux go the way of Mystery Science Theater, another good show now vanished. Remember their motto? "Keep Trading the Tapes!"

-- Charles Martin (, March 06, 2003.

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