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Hi, I am a fomer resident of Oakland and when I was growing up in the Bay Area in the 40's and 50's I listened to radio a lot.

One show that was a favorite was stories about the Gold Rush era. It aired on Sunday morning I believe. And it was from one of the major radio stations in San Francisco (KSFO, KGO, etc.).

The story teller had the greatest radio voice, and he would spin stories about Black Bart or Mark Twain, or the Emperor of San Francisco, and many other Gold Rush era characters.

I can not remember the name of the show. So, do you know of anyone who might know about old radio shows that originated from San Francisco in the 40s and 50s? Or is there a museum or archive somewhere that I might visit to try to find old recordings or scripts, etc.?

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Rob Prichard

-- Rob Prichard (, December 28, 2002

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