welding process for alluminium

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what are the salient features of a alluminium welding process.

-- sanjay pandey (sanju_eme@rediffmail.com), December 28, 2002


Resistance welding of aluminum is different from mild steel in the following ways: Weld time is shorter, weld force (pressure) is less, and welding current (amps) is higher. Good strength can be obtained in resistance welding aluminum, and the process is done on a production line basis every day, but the variables of the process must be tightly controlled because the "success window" is smaller than when welding mild steel. Machines used for resistance spot welding of aluminum should have a high-output transformer and a low- inertia, fast-followup head. To minimize the primary current draw, many resistance welders used for aluminum have 3-phase or inverter- type transformers.

-- tom Snow (snowbird@cdc.net), January 15, 2003.

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