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How is The Mask of the Red Death a reflection of E.A.'s life and also how is the Tell Tale Heart a reflection of his life? What events happened to make his write those short stories?

-- Anonymous, December 27, 2002


I wish we could post a once and for all answer to all those "reflection of his life" questions. Somthing sticks in the craw at the very phrase. Poe is not writing biography in mask of the Red Death. That would be simple. There is a complex, in depth approach to this that the dutifully simple teachers of English 101 would not come close to with a ten foot po(l)e.

Poe is trying to impart a strength of emotion and excited perception from his own experience. He also is writing in a Gothic and Romantic tradition that carries its own extreme and fantastic conventions. Both stories are violent and evil rebellions that fail to stave off fear and death. Poe's experience was similarly angry(his literary critiques eg.) and financially unsuccessful, with some recognition, subconscious at least, that he was in part to blame. But this is to paint his life extremely as a horror story. Whose isn't, at tax time for example? It's just a story. Read his biography, sample ALL his works. His psychological insight and lifelong quests for art and meaning are exceptionally bound and consistent with most of his written words, but to offer a simple summary of that would be better understood after getting more widely acquainted with Poe. And though unique and ingenious his works are also not too hard nor too long and mostly meant for the popular market.

-- Anonymous, December 27, 2002

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