2.5 chainsaw

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what can i biuld im 14 live on a farm and have a shop to work . what i really want to biuld is an rc car

thank you

-- Ashton James Klein (ashjk@juno.com), December 26, 2002



-- jack (fordham5@hotmail.com), March 10, 2003.

i am doing the same at the moment. I hope you are still intrested because it is one of the greatest experiences to build. I asume you mean 2.5 hp chainsaw. You should have a centrifugal clutch on there that alows you to idle at low RPM(Rotations per minute). You will need to chose to use a pullie and belt system or a gear and chain system to drive the rear axel. The system you choose should be on the ecxterior of the clutch and should be welded on if that is available to you. You will defenately need to have a big gear ratio because the chainsaw turns at high RPM and you don't want your wheels turning at the same speed as the motor. If you were to go directly you would have a minimum speed of about 200 km/h and there would be a lot of strain on the motor. You need to put a very small gear or pullie on the clutch and have a huge gear or pullie on the rear axel. You will need pillow blocks for the rear axel and you will need to make a fixed bracket for the motor on your frame. You will need some tools like a drill and a rachet set at least. You should invest in tools because you wont get far with just a hammer and nails. Anyways you will need a solid metal frame either welded or bolted. You will need some tires you can get them at canadian tire for 15$ each or go to your local scrap yard and pick some of these things up. Write me back if you need more information for i would be glad to give it.

-- Remy Studli (rstudli@lakefieldcs.on.ca), March 27, 2003.

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