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oh heres the thing first of all i dont really know who to make vcds in nero, but i got nero and i try dragging avi moives files to the video side and this error screen comes out saying that i need mpeg 2, and that there is no video or audio and i have checked the moive and it does have sound and images and i really need to know what is going on with it!! help PLEASE

-- Sam (supermansam86@aol.com), December 26, 2002


u need to convert ur file into mpeg-2, use a software called tmpgenc to convert any kind of movie file (only works if u have the right codec, of course) into a mpeg file; vcd-quality, svcd-quality or dvd- quality.


tip: use vcdeasy to creat a cd-image file (.cue and .bin) then burn with nero (Open nero, compile a new disc, other, image file, then select the .cue file from whereever u've created it.) Nero will burn, and it won't take as much time as usually...

-- eXpired (turn_off99@hotmail.com), December 26, 2002.

You need to install the MPEG-2 encoder plug-in for Nero. You can find it at winmx, overnet or e-donkey (~400 kb)


-- Mauricio Vera (userxxx_98@yahoo.com), December 26, 2002.

here is the deal: Nero will burn VCDs that are *.DAT and *.MPG.

SVCDs are *.MPG.

*.AVI files are not propper VCD files due to the encoding methods used to make the .AVI file.

Look for more help at www.vcdhelp.com

-- Fallen Angel (FallenGod75@aol.com), December 30, 2002.

You can also get the svcs/mpeg2 plug in from kazza, if you have High Speed Net it takes about 1 Min. Almost all are real, Just remember to have a good virus program when you download from any P2P sight.

-- (tgiesler1@yahoo.com), December 31, 2002.

I have the svcd mpg2 plug-in. Wanna trade?

-- Rob Parham (kickbxn5@aol.com), January 02, 2003.


-- (what@cunt.biz), January 27, 2003.

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