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There have been numerous articles in several papers dealing with the Morris Brown College situation. The more it is discussed, the larger the debt which is owed. Where will it all end? I have heard that there will be a special appeal to the churches of the connection to assist the college during its time of need. That's good, well done, outstanding, way to go team! However, how do we keep situations like this from reoccurring? I pray that there will not be a "domino effect" pertaining to our other institutions of higher learning! This is not a church is our thing! Remember, there was a great deal of ink dealing with other schools as well! Here is my concern, what suggestions or plan could be implemented to help the church better police its schools and institutions? Strong alumni support and encouragement is needed now! Integrity is needed now! If I were the president of MBC, I would be so busy that my name would be Ray "Booker T. Washington" Allen! What do you think?

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2002

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