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I have tried several programs to create a vcd which will play on a toshiba sd-1800. none of the vcd's will play on this machine. The company tells me the vcd must be made with Video CD 1.1(.5?) or 2.0. Do you know of any software written in that format or where I may find this info. The vcd's that I made do play on a friend no name brand dvd player. HELP!!

-- vic broder (, December 26, 2002


Your VCDs do play on your friend's, so your Toshiba likely doesn't recognize CD-R/RW. Tough if that's so. Go out and buy a new recent model player. You may spring back and be alarmed but this is how it all starts and after everything is said and done and appropriate amounts of tears shed and hair pulled you will quietly just go to Circuit City and get a $150 DVD player. If your lucky, at that price, it may even have progressive scan DCDi by Faroudja.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, December 26, 2002.

Mehmet is right. There is a DVD player compatibility list at http:/ you should look at. It will tell you if your player supports CD-R/W media. I don't know about recent models, but older Toshiba's were infamous for not supporting CD-R/W and I have email I got from a guy who told me he bought a Toshiba that wouldn't play commercial VCD discs. He called Toshiba and they confirmed that the player did not support VCD at all on any media. I agree with Mehmet that if this is your problem, you should buy another DVD player and learn a valuable lesson to avoid Toshiba in the future. Circuit City in the US sells some really cheap Apex DVD players that support CD-R/W media and play DVD, VCD, SVCD, CD audio and MP3.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), December 26, 2002.

the toshiba sd-1800 plays cd-r, cd-rw, mp3 files and VCD's. The VCD's however, must be made with video cd 1.1 or 2.0. I tried several different programs that did not play until I found a program called pictureToTV. In the faqs for this product it states the software is compatible with any video cd 2.0 compatible player. I downloaded a demo and it works fine. The program is available as a download only and costs $50. If you want to chec it out go to Thanks for your responces

-- vic broder (, December 26, 2002.

There is something amiss here. Fact is there are just two LEGITIMATE White Book standards for VCD and those are 1.1 and 2.0 which means that players that do require that your VCDs are compliant to those are within bounds of specs. Tightly bound in fact: maybe your Toshiba will NOT play any VCD it detects has a bitrate even one bit higher or lower than 1374Kb/s. While that picture2TV does ensure that a legitimate VCD with that bitrate is produced, if you know what the specs are you can control what u do. TMPGenc is excellent in this regard. What are your sources anyway for your VCD? JPGs? AVIs? Your created VCDs play without hassle on your friend's because their players are more forgiving of those that stray a little off White Book, and you might want to give that a thought and dump that Toshiba anyway.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, December 28, 2002.

I have been using Roxio VideoPack 5 for a year or so and been successful playing all the VCD's created by it on my Toshiba SD- 1800. I however does not play SVCD. Hope this helps.

-- Shahriar Ahmad (, October 21, 2003.

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