The Best Presidential advisor would be Laura Bush to move out of her passive "breed to kill" smoke and mirrors act and confess to her children on world television and draw up a world wide plan with all earth mothers to Own their Power and their Responsibility to the victims of breed to kill which is [all children of earth]! : LUSENET : 3D_Floyd : One Thread

L26 Robert Ray Hedges says: We have inherited a solar powered destructively tested dna rising consciousness context. Notice how few females are aggressive immoralists, they are strangely absent from the intention to preserve what they build in their bodies, mainly all of us. I say this is an alarming fact. I further surmise that the mother must be psycho-genetically anesthetized in order to breed to kill and must be a supreme actress called smoke and mirrors or synthetic charisma aka lying. Further, she must bluff the brotherhood into you can't fight titty hall or "You can't hit girls." Thus the Beta Males can only kill males with the collective anger which is usually stimulated by both sexes. The Anger Diode. Primates have inherited this beginner pre-ethical psychical sexist regime as a beginning point for negotiations. Certainly, our most recent victims of breed to kill, which I estimate to be about 500 million children, deserve some honesty from the adults they are drawn to trust. The Best Presidential advisor would be Laura Bush to move out of her passive "breed to kill" smoke and mirrors act and confess to her children on world television and draw up a world wide plan with all earth mothers to Own their Power and their Responsibility to the victims of breed to kill which is [all children of earth]! Then, get real with the core causes of male anger, inclusive of Delilah-ism aka unearned and therefore undeserved sexual authority, so that we can terminate all military insanity world wide and apply those largely wasted funds to immortality research and some positive emotional resources. Prostitution, in all of its forms, must end....including taxes and the gayness of heterosexual monogamy google search copy/paste "taking over the internet" Criminals raise criminals. Rip the veils.

-- Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet (, December 26, 2002


how kids will take over the internet kid power how kids will take over the internet kid power how kids will take over the internet kid power From: how kids will take over the internet kid power how kids will take over the internet kid power how kids will take over the internet kid power

Comments D4 April 4 2003 cut the crappe series..... Okay kids, your parents brought you into the world to die.[to kill you!] By humanity's own laws, that is pre-meditated murder and is a major crime [felony]. And, because it involves 2 people (mom and dad), it is, therefore, conspiratorial and that is another major crime as well! Just because there are billions of parents breaking the same law does not affect the legality or the negative effects (funerals) see picture! All of Humanity is STILL playing Not-See [Nazi]Death Camp; Auschwitz! So Children World Wide have this way they can end this cruel insanity by organizing in schools and in each others homes to force teachers and parents and presidents to resolve the intent to kill all children. Reading Writing Arithmetic and Mandatory Physical Immortality [Mandatory!]. Children can/will/are redirect their Macdonald's fast food budget to force their parents and big business to create major ethicality centers, food for taught an infinite eternal health club. Indigo squared!

D4 April 4, 2003 Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet as a pathway into the entire mind of the human race to create

physical immortality. In doing so, all parents are relieved of the guilt and shame of creating all children just to kill

them.This is becoming the Children's Immortalisation Network socialisation strategies division of Mortality Resolution

International. This is my internet This is my Mind. I am creating the Mandatory; Respect for eternalising physical life and creating a

constant unwavering purifying intent. Homo Permanis Premanoids the unfailing evolving consciousness biocentric time machine

paraethicality essence flower. Psystar International paramessicality destinial engineering synergisticality aspect of the

paralingual psy tsumami http://why-all-parents-create-their-children- picture of Roberto =

D4 why all parents create their children to kill them why all parents create their children to kill them why all parents create their children to kill them why all parents create their children to kill them why all parents create their children to kill them why all parents create their children to kill them D4 April 4, 2003 Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet as a pathway into the entire mind of the human race to create physical immortality. In doing so, all parents are relieved of the guilt and shame of creating all children just to kill them.This is becoming the Children's Immortalisation Network socialisation strategies division of Mortality Resolution International. This is my internet This is my Mind. I am

creating the Mandatory; Respect for eternalising physical life and creating a constant unwavering purifying intent. Homo Permanis Premanoids the unfailing evolving consciousness biocentric time machine paraethicality essence flower. Psystar International paramessicality destinial engineering synergisticality aspect of the paralingual psy tsumami http://why-all-parents-create-their-children- .com/physical_immortality/index.html picture of Roberto =

-- Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet (, April 04, 2003.

You have just entered room "Chat No 1." doorag000000: halo notyourhaircut: taerg notyourhaircut: hey hey pansy riots: doorags pansy riots: helo doorag000000: whats haps peops icy blend: records icy blend: AIM doorag000000: cool same pansy riots: that5 just reminded me to change the side icy blend: of what? pansy riots: noise on the porch cats are about pansy riots: of the record doorag000000: i am listening to a charles gayle album that george gosset taped for me doorag000000: it is boss notyourhaircut: hey three of you have tapes to send me icy blend: I'm still going to do you that Isleys/Sun tape D notyourhaircut: i rule the tape exchange icy blend: yeah mine's ready pansy riots: yuck the little black and white cat has stepped on something nasty pansy riots: gross icy blend: like? pansy riots: smelly dirt pansy riots: probably poo doorag000000: oh yeah what is the sun thing, i forgot icy blend: concert for the comet kahoutek doorag000000: oh yeah cool icy blend: and if there's room some Lora Logic solo icy blend: which there will prob not be doorag000000: ok doorag000000: ok i am just puttin the tape i made livvie on AOTM icy blend: cool notyourhaircut: I made a tape today notyourhaircut: for Lucy icy blend: Lurex? notyourhaircut: I don't like her much, but I have to go to her birthday party notyourhaircut: no Dodgeshun doorag000000: what did you put on it notyourhaircut: so she is getting a TAPE, ha ha, that'll show her pansy riots: ha good one! doorag000000: ok here is yr tape : icy blend has left the room. doorag000000: hey come back notyourhaircut: he will do doorag000000: yes doorag000000: i imagine so pansy riots: he always does doorag000000: anyway yeah there is yr tape notyourhaircut: oh great doorag000000: i think it is rather good notyourhaircut: it sounded really good from what you said before doorag000000: but like i say i have yet to listen to it in the car doorag000000: which is the real important test notyourhaircut: thanks heaps, it sounds brilliant! icy blend has entered the room. icy blend: urrr notyourhaircut: and I haven't heard any of it doorag000000: Any of it? cool doorag000000: not even the billy joel song doorag000000: faroutski doorag000000: you might know the dolly parton song from a mega hit version by, uh was it whitney houston? doorag000000: anyway it sucked doorag000000: but dolly's version is beautiful notyourhaircut: what I put on Lucy's tape: 801, JAMC, Johnny Thunders and Patti Pallidin, Blondie, Morrissey, Ciccone Youth, Iggy Pop, , S- K, Kinks, PSG, Ramones, Go-Gos, T-Rex, Prince, Husker Du notyourhaircut: thats side 1 pansy riots: man sound great doorag000000: that looks good pansy riots: is it on AOTM? doorag000000: have you got that thunders /paladin lp? doorag000000: "copy cats" notyourhaircut: no, only a 7" doorag000000: i havent but i gave it to maryann as a present once so i've heard it doorag000000: its all cover songs doorag000000: whats the single doorag000000: ? notyourhaircut: uptown to harlem is what I put on that notyourhaircut: she wants to mambo/uptown doorag000000: oh yeah those're cool. hey there is some good singles in the sale 7" bin at galaxy, you shd look doorag000000: i put all the ones i thought were cool at the back doorag000000: so look at the back notyourhaircut: this tape looks good, because she doesn't know anything about music I can put really good stuff on doorag000000: i got a whole buncha good ones myself doorag000000: when i was there notyourhaircut: oh yeah but I can't buy any more records for ages! doorag000000: thats no good icy blend: you know who's really good? Chic. icy blend: for like two records, anyway doorag000000: these are all super cheap tho, like mostly 1 buck doorag000000: oh chic yeah notyourhaircut: side 2 starts off with Search and Destroy, then St Etienne doorag000000: i only got singles, i never heard a whole album notyourhaircut: S+D the song that is doorag000000: but i got all their big hits & all that stuff's hot poop icy blend: St Etienne??? notyourhaircut: I never heard em notyourhaircut: is that how you spell it? I don't know doorag000000: chic? icy blend: they are the disco album band, chic icy blend: no I didnt know you had any! icy blend: cool!! notyourhaircut: hahaha no I stole it off you guys tapes icy blend: ah fair enough notyourhaircut: y'know, I really gotta get some more Madonna doorag000000: hey andrew 'nother thing i have been listening to lots = the tape you made for me of la dusseldorf & popol vuh icy blend: oh cooool icy blend: that's like all I have, tho doorag000000: hey i have duplicate copies of into the groove & like a virgin , but the cat peed on em notyourhaircut: I listened to the Ciccone Youth version of Into the Groovey after I taped Tuff Titty Rap for Lucy, its really good doorag000000: yeah thats good eh icy blend: YES IT IS doorag000000: that fucking cat boyofbadgers has left the room. icy blend: damn, sorry pansy riots: was that when he peed on bob dylan? notyourhaircut: hahahahah! doorag000000: no he peed on a pile of singles just a few days ago notyourhaircut: I have apple juice, toffee pops, holidays, david bowie, AIM notyourhaircut: I don't have as much bowie as I'd like, but the rest are pretty good icy blend: you need a new cat pansy riots: god yes doorag000000: yeah the box with bob dylan/neil young/lou reed (= the box that my amp sits on top of) has been a pee target in the last 3 houses i lived in icy blend: a les popist one blah blah doorag000000: it's not my cat doorag000000: it';s janes doorag000000: she has a matching set of black cats doorag000000: witches cats icy blend: how accessorised doorag000000: little buggers doorag000000: my cat is a very shy timid tortoiseshell cat, she NEVER does stuff like peeing on records notyourhaircut: my cat doesn't pee inside notyourhaircut: I like it like that doorag000000: yes doorag000000: the way it oughta be icy blend has left the room. notyourhaircut: she does sit on me when I am trying to read icy blend has entered the room. doorag000000: a comparatively minor offence icy blend: thanks doorag000000: no not you doorag000000: liv's cat doorag000000: never mind icy blend: I was being very funny icy blend: as always notyourhaircut: hahahha notyourhaircut: yr a beacon of humour notyourhaircut: and umm light, of course icy blend: damn straight notyourhaircut: but yeah, I can always puch her off notyourhaircut: also she is kind of cute, a charm which pissing doesn't have notyourhaircut: PUSH, not puch doorag000000: well the black cat that pees on bob dylan records is cute enough doorag000000: in a evil way notyourhaircut: hahaha notyourhaircut: thats totally the best way icy blend: like Hitler notyourhaircut: NO notyourhaircut: like STALIN notyourhaircut: he was so cute notyourhaircut: but totally evil doorag000000: ha ha STALIN was "cute"? doorag000000: too much icy blend: he was hotter than HITLR notyourhaircut: he was notyourhaircut: he was sort of cat-like doorag000000: "hotter than hitler" is a good album title notyourhaircut: well, maybe more bear-like notyourhaircut: hahahaha notyourhaircut: hitler was a bit creepy notyourhaircut: w/ the mustache and all icy blend: god I'm hot! icy blend: hotter than HITLER! notyourhaircut: lucky you notyourhaircut: I don't even know what you look like really icy blend: me neither doorag000000: ha ha doorag000000: he looks like this guy jason grieg doorag000000: a bit notyourhaircut: i don;t know who that is, either doorag000000: but you dont know what he looks like doorag000000: either doorag000000: yes icy blend: celia mancini's ex notyourhaircut: you are all actually pretty hazy in my mind in terms of looks doorag000000: the gtr player of into the void icy blend: she's hella ndiscerning doorag000000: she isnt doorag000000: actually icy blend: well obv doorag000000: mosta her boyfriends have been total dicks doorag000000: hey did you notice i put a song by her on that tape doorag000000: its a good one too doorag000000: off her solo single on flying nun, it was a decent record icy blend: kiasu? doorag000000: yeah doorag000000: the b side = better doorag000000: it has this song i put on the tape icy blend: oh one w/YOU on it? doorag000000: + a quiet version of "born to be wild" doorag000000: w. me & haydn jones doorag000000: yeah icy blend: yeah it was better doorag000000: i didnt put the song w. me on it on the tape icy blend: you should've! doorag000000: yeah it's a ok one eh icy blend: yeah I like it icy blend: I think I sold it to Anton tho doorag000000: man artofthemix has so many shitty tapes that all look the same icy blend: hahaha doorag000000: who are that band bright eyes notyourhaircut: bri likes em notyourhaircut: or LIKED them, really its more him anyway notyourhaircut: pretty angsty doorag000000: everyone puts bright eyes on tapes, all these people who put other stuff i know i don't like on em notyourhaircut: but ok if ou don't listen to the entire album at once doorag000000: so i'm prejudiced against doorag000000: them notyourhaircut: I don't think you'd like them anyway duane doorag000000: i might but i probably wouldnt notyourhaircut: I am going to the movies tomorrow notyourhaircut: to see the hours doorag000000: i bet for sure i wouldnt like the ben folds five doorag000000: who are another favourite on there doorag000000: but maybe i would, after all i like billy joel icy blend: to see doorag000000: well i like 2 songs by him doorag000000: the hours? notyourhaircut: ben fold five i have something against doorag000000: i havent even heard of that notyourhaircut: its got nicole kidman w/ a funny nose and julianne moore doorag000000: oh ok notyourhaircut: i don't know why, but I heard one song by him and really hated it doorag000000: i saw a pic of nicole with her nose icy blend: 2C doorag000000: in a magazine or something notyourhaircut: she is playing virginia woolf doorag000000: right doorag000000: yeah i read somethin about it doorag000000: in like a womens weekly or somethin notyourhaircut: womans weekly is great like that doorag000000: yeah indispensible for those minutes in the fish & chip shop doorag000000: when i forgot to bring a book doorag000000: hey andrew yr the big human league fan, do you like that oakey/moroder album? doorag000000: i just got it for 50c in the salvation army shop, it seems quite good icy blend has left the room. doorag000000: (playing now) doorag000000: oh doorag000000: grrr icy blend has entered the room. notyourhaircut: I should get some human league, too doorag000000: yeah get DARE doorag000000: that is a killer album icy blend: all killer icy blend: no filler, yeah yeah doorag000000: i don't think that much of any of their other stuff, i mean its ok but that album doorag000000: it's just GREAT doorag000000: yeah anyway, this oakey/moroder one doorag000000: its pretty good icy blend: yes? icy blend: it's patchy icy blend: but the best bits are GREAT notyourhaircut: Dare I'm pretty sure was the last album Lester bangs bought doorag000000: yeah havent you heard it, i thought it'd be the doorag000000: sorta thing you'd know icy blend: he died listening to it icy blend: yeah I have it doorag000000: who did icy blend: Dare-lester B doorag000000: oh lester bangs doorag000000: ok doorag000000: yeah right i'd heard that icy blend: he cou;d've done a lot worse doorag000000: yes notyourhaircut: is that song off electric dreams oakley/moroder? icy blend: yup notyourhaircut: cause I love that one doorag000000: hey liv do you like suicide? doorag000000: the band suicide doorag000000: that is icy blend: hhha doorag000000: yeah electric dreams, thats good notyourhaircut: yeah, what I've heard was great doorag000000: i put a suicide cover on yr tape notyourhaircut: I Remember, Speed Queen, Keep Yr Dreams notyourhaircut: what one? doorag000000: angel corpus christi doing "dream baby dream" notyourhaircut: cool doorag000000: with alan vega guesting on background grunts & whoops notyourhaircut: hahahaha doorag000000: it's neat toodamnbad102 has entered the room. notyourhaircut: I keep meaning to listen to Speed Queen like in bed or something as opposed to in the car when everyone is talking, it kind of gets lost doorag000000: she's this woman who does....well the album i got, its called i ♥ NY, & it's all new york themed covers doorag000000: lou reed, ramones, theme from taxi driver, etc notyourhaircut: sounds cool doorag000000: hey someone new is here doorag000000: hi doorag000000: who're you icy blend: are you too bad to reply? doorag000000: obviously notyourhaircut: oh to be that bad doorag000000: hmmm doorag000000: "he's good bad, but he's not evil" icy blend: fuck and there's 101 more, at LEAST, of them doorag000000: of what doorag000000: ? icy blend: toodamnbad102 doorag000000: ha ha i get it notyourhaircut: haha notyourhaircut: imagine that notyourhaircut: like a cult, of BAD people doorag000000: yes i imagining it MitchAnon has entered the room. doorag000000: so is this guy not gonna talk to us doorag000000: just stand in the corner glowering doorag000000: hey mitch hi MitchAnon: hey doorag doorag000000: welcome to new zealand MitchAnon: yeah, are these all nz kids? doorag000000: whats up in yr neck of the woods doorag000000: yes icy blend: yup MitchAnon: uh no much really doorag000000: hmm same sorta pansy riots: oh YUCK the cat is wounded again doorag000000: more cat problems notyourhaircut: heya notyourhaircut: poor cat MitchAnon: about to eat some icecream. it's my brother's (40th) birthday. notyourhaircut: yr cat is always getting beaten, he needs to toughen up or else not fight so much doorag000000: thats how old i am too notyourhaircut: yum, icecream doorag000000: so eat some ice cream for me doorag000000: also MitchAnon: will do notyourhaircut: happy 40th, mitch's brother notyourhaircut: and duane for when he turned 40 doorag000000: yes that was amomentous day doorag000000: *A Momentous notyourhaircut: when I turned ten, that was pretty momentous icy blend: hahhaha doorag000000: wow you can remember that notyourhaircut: not really notyourhaircut: but it was important at the time notyourhaircut: double figures! doorag000000: hey you know that guy peter king who makes those lathe cut records zaibatsu nojento has entered the room. zaibatsu nojento: DA NUMBAH ONE doorag000000: hey victor hey doorag000000: whats haps zaibatsu nojento: nowt really i might go see the pianist today icy blend: yeah what about P King? zaibatsu nojento: or go to a hardcore gig doorag000000: yeah peter king, ok toodamnbad102 has left the room. doorag000000: well see my sis gets rec's made by him for her art shows doorag000000: she's done like, i dunno, @ least 4 of em notyourhaircut: our room just got way less bad notyourhaircut: by like, 102 doorag000000: that guy was pretty mysterious doorag000000: anyway yeah these records right, & she does ltd edn's, like 15 or 20 or stuff icy blend: dilletante icy blend: but yes do go on doorag000000: but she just found out that peter king has sold extra copis to this belgian guy who collects picture discs doorag000000: *copies icy blend: YIKES icy blend: FUCK doorag000000: of her ones. also some other NZ artists like julian dashper & i forget who icy blend: ETC icy blend: yeah sounds right icy blend: he does heaps doorag000000: & he sorta tried to tell her like, oh yeah i just send him, you know, 2nds, reject copies doorag000000: but, hey wait a min., how ARE ther "2nds"? the records are made 1 at a time icy blend: right! doorag000000: and the qual. varies radically anyway doorag000000: but doorag000000: so doorag000000: i dunno, does that seem to you like he's been doinf a reall y unethical thing? icy blend: prob icy blend: but such is life doorag000000: cause i bet he sells them this guy for big ass $$$ MitchAnon: ha i've hardly been here, but i'm out: later guys doorag000000: ok later yo icy blend: night! MitchAnon has left the room. doorag000000: yeah i dunno, we doorag000000: hen she told me about it we were like, toodamnbad102 has entered the room. doorag000000: that is this ....sorta a betrayal of the whole amateur level thing you think of that guy as standing for doorag000000: oh well doorag000000: hey its him again doorag000000: hey doorag000000: HEY notyourhaircut: yeah, lets shout at him, maybe he'll understand that notyourhaircut: HELLO THERE icy blend: we like to think of p king as being that kinda guy icy blend: I reckon toffee sock has entered the room. doorag000000: yeah doorag000000: hey minna! zaibatsu nojento: wait a sec, toodamnbad = p king?? toffee sock: holla! toodamnbad102: any one here into suckin tits im me click here to see big titie action zaibatsu nojento: whats a titie zaibatsu nojento: ? toffee sock: ! doorag000000: :-):-):-):-) notyourhaircut: hahahaha notyourhaircut: wow, that was pretty BAD notyourhaircut: maybe all 102 of them get assignments or something zaibatsu nojento: i feel compelled to click but im not until i know whats on the other side doorag000000: hey anyway minna : hey you know those space dust records i told you are "impossible to get", i found a place that has both of em in stock doorag000000: if yr innarested toodamnbad102 has left the room. toffee sock: yes i am - where? doorag000000: toffee sock: beatle! :-) toffee sock: which one is the best? zaibatsu nojento: are those dollars? icy blend: all of them doorag000000: BEATLE! is the better of those 2 doorag000000: IMO doorag000000: US dollars zaibatsu nojento: shit they are expensive doorag000000: so that one's sorta expensive doorag000000: yes notyourhaircut: I've got the copy you sent me of the cover of Beatle on my wall doorag000000: that is the greatest picture doorag000000: saskia leek + my absolute art hero doorag000000: hey liv theres a show of hers on in chch, i think its still on doorag000000: you shd go look icy blend: hahaha notyourhaircut: where? doorag000000: jonathan smart gallery doorag000000: high st toodamnbad102 has entered the room. icy blend has left the room. notyourhaircut: ok, i'll see if i can icy blend has entered the room. doorag000000: theres a copy of "twin infinitives" there for 50 US dolleros doorag000000: shit thats 100 bucks in our worthless toilet paper icy blend: vinyl? doorag000000: yeah doorag000000: i would sure like that, i dont have that rec. zaibatsu nojento: whats twin infinitives? doorag000000: royal trux's 2nd album icy blend: toilet paper is never quie wortheless doorag000000: you know some "indie rock", dude you wouls doorag000000: dnt like it doorag000000: i don't think doorag000000: LP from '95 by this New Zealand band, though it didn't seen the light of day until late 2001. With Matt Middleton (Crude, Aesthetics), Brother Love. Numbered edition of 400. doorag000000: i thought there was 500 of em doorag000000: oh well zaibatsu nojento: 400??? doorag000000: yes we're big business baby doorag000000: (my band, space dust) (that is) zaibatsu nojento: well at least you have released something doorag000000: yes doorag000000: several things doorag000000: in tiny editions tho doorag000000: but thats part of the whole art scene vibe icy blend: hhaaha notyourhaircut: you were in womans weekly, lets not forget that toodamnbad102 has left the room. notyourhaircut: well not spacedust, say yes to apes pansy riots: who was in womens weekly? pansy riots: duane? toffee sock: i know a woman who was in womans weekly! we found a whole stack of 70s ww in a beach house toffee sock: and she was in there, being interviewd in a smrt leather pants suit notyourhaircut: duane notyourhaircut: maybe not his name but i think SYTA got a mention toffee sock: at the time she was going out with alphonse gangitano toffee sock: a criminal who was murdered! toodamnbad102 has entered the room. icy blend: fuck off fuckface notyourhaircut: as part of kevin smith's music career toffee sock: womans weekly is seedier than youd think notyourhaircut: yuck, i'm lagging doorag000000: did anyone see that kevin smith tv thing a while ago? icy blend: ot I toffee sock: nope toffee sock: was alanis in it? doorag000000: i didnt but someone sent me a tape but i aint watched yet (no tv, no vcr) doorag000000: no alanis wasnt in it doorag000000: why would she be doorag000000: but anyway icy blend: cos it'd be funny? doorag000000: apparently there was like 2 seconds or of say yes to apes playing at a party doorag000000: yes it would be funny doorag000000: i suppose notyourhaircut: invite me back ok doorag000000: ok zaibatsu nojento has left the room. notyourhaircut has left the room. toodamnbad102 has left the room. toffee sock: wow nearly ever man named kevin smith has a goatee notyourhaircut has entered the room. doorag000000: toodamnbad102 doorag000000: oops doorag000000: sorry doorag000000: yeah minna the 3rd kevin smith in there is our man doorag000000: he was the main guy in my 1st band, he died in a accident on a film set in china last year toffee sock: :-\ doorag000000: yeah toffee sock: so he was an actor too? doorag000000: yeah he was real famous in NZ doorag000000: he was always in Womens Weekly notyourhaircut: yeah, they liked him doorag000000: they certainly did icy blend: he was hot. icy blend: nad nice. icy blend: hahaah AND doorag000000: yeah doorag000000: nice nads toodamnbad102 has entered the room. doorag000000: oh man icy blend: FUCKOFF doorag000000: WHO ARE YOU?? icy blend: you FUCK toodamnbad102: yaw still here doorag000000: yes toodamnbad102: lol toodamnbad102: lol toodamnbad102: lol doorag000000: hmmm icy blend: yr a merry fellow! doorag000000: whatre you trying to say toffee sock: asl toodamnbad102: want me to invite new people?? doorag000000: ok i guess toodamnbad102: k icy blend: yeah! pansy riots: come on pansy riots: where are the new people doorag000000: invite calum robert & geir hongro toffee sock: and hunta-d notyourhaircut: go on! doorag000000: WORD notyourhaircut: I wanna hear about Geri's giant arse icy blend: it overcomes whole cities pansy riots: woah toodamnbad102: noone wants to come! pansy riots: why on earth not? notyourhaircut: I liked geri notyourhaircut: she was my favourite Spice Girl toffee sock: yeah they were crap after she left notyourhaircut: yeah! toffee sock: she put the cardamom in spice girl notyourhaircut: I had a giant poster, I still have it somewhere toffee sock: was she wearing that giant union jack dress? i liked that toffee sock: with the red platforms notyourhaircut: yeah I think she was! notyourhaircut: I was like eight at the time, I was so into the spice girls notyourhaircut: I still like em though toffee sock: you were 8! icy blend: they're ok doorag000000: are they still going toodamnbad102 has left the room. toodamnbad102 has entered the room. doorag000000: hey can someone re-invite victor in here, it doesnt work when i do it toffee sock: youve got my heart jumping like a rabbit on a trampoline tdb pansy riots: ok night y'all pansy riots: xoxoxox pansy riots has left the room. doorag000000: hey how do you just find chat rooms with people you don't know 7 just go in there, how do you do that notyourhaircut: hahaha do you want to duane? icy blend: confidence doorag000000: yeah notyourhaircut: oh yeah I was eight or something, I'm sure doorag000000: or at least just to know how notyourhaircut: they are sort of officially still together but not really toffee sock: i'd like to know too doorag000000: hey someone invite zaibatsu nojento toodamnbad102: did anyone come yet?? doorag000000: it isnt working when i do it doorag000000: no doorag000000: i thought you'd gone zaibatsu nojento has entered the room. doorag000000: victor hey zaibatsu nojento: did i missed the space girls talk? doorag000000: ha ha the space girls doorag000000: spice dust notyourhaircut: hahaha toffee sock: i feel like sneezing toodamnbad102: short girl is coming doorag000000: i dont want no short people notyourhaircut: hahaha! shortgurl882006 has entered the room.

-- (doorag@satan's.magic.castle), April 06, 2003.

درخواستي - حافظ الحديث حضرت مولانا عبد الله الدرخواستي رحمه الله تعالى

-- Muqaabil (Your Email, October 06, 2003.

what happened to robert ray hedges, did he take over the internet

-- (, July 06, 2004.

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