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Many of us on this board always consider Christmas to occur in winter and Easter to occur in spring. For us in the North these celebrations are centered around the seasons in which they occur.

However, in the North, we often forget that this is only true of half our world. In the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas occurs in summer and Easter occurs in the fall. So perhaps our friends in the Southern Hemisphere could share with us what these celebrations are like in the hemisphere in which live.

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2002


Greetings , Yes, many times we ourselves forget that we need to adjust. Father Christmas wears his thick red and white outfit her in south africa.Its actually funny,I feel sorry for them.The temperature soars high and this poor man has to dress up asif it is snowing and say ho,ho,ho. We have our turkey and gammon.We have these huge lunches after the Service,and rest to recover. This is one day when we really pretend that we are in North America. Cotton wool on our trees (Christmas ) for snow .Many of us have not experienced snow.The shops resound with the song.."sleigh bells in the snow "At least we wear summer clothes.We spend lots of time at the beaches,especially her in the most beautiful Cape Town. Thanks for your interest.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2003

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