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When i insert a VideoCD on my Macintosh (OS 8), it prompts me to initialize it. Under Linux, i'm able to read the files in the SVCD- directory. The files in MPEGAV (two 300MB files in this case) however, cause a read error. Could it be i have to use a special filesystem-driver, or is it not possible to read the VCDs with my CR-ROM? (a Panasonic PD-1)

-- PowerStack (, December 25, 2002


Is that a VCD or SVCD? There is an important distinction between the two. Unlike VCD, SVCD is MPEG-2 and will require appropriate codecs to play. In PCs this is done mainly with installing a DVD-player program where MPEG-2 codecs are put by default. Don't know about MAC but it isn't anything about special filesystems or other.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, December 26, 2002.

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