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I have the program Windows Movie Maker(but I do not have a camera). I was wondering if I could use this program to record from a VCR to Windows Movie Maker? What would I need to do so?...any remarks may be useful

-- Luis (, December 22, 2002


You can use WMM but you will have to create the file in .AVI format. I have used Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum to convert .AVI to .MPEG so that it meets the .MPEG specifications. I created a VCD using WMM and then Roxio to convert the files into .MPEG format. There are files out there (free, pay) that can do the conversion. Try a search on Google for "MPEG encoder". First, you need to make sure your home DVD player supports VCD. You may want to consult the manufacturer of your home DVD player to verify what CDs you can record your VCD onto. I have a Sony DVD player (DVP-S560D) and, from the research I've done, I have to have a specific manufacturer's CD to record my VCD onto. I hope this helps!


-- Kenneth (, August 19, 2003.

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