DAMN Sin Eater and Fox Movies!

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Stupid Fox Movies! How dare they interfere with wanting and needing to see Heath! It looks like Sin Eaters will not be released the scheduled January 17, 2003 now! Now...its looking like June 2003! Sorry ladies! I'll keep ya posted if anything changes...I'm sure it will!

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2002


Hey Angie, looks like we will get to see it together!! lol i can;t wait! :O) Luv

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2002

Hey why does it show your e-mail by my name? Just so everyone knows that's not my e-mail. The one next here is ok! ;P


-- Anonymous, December 25, 2002

Well well looks like we have two movies we have to go see when I come over there! ;)


-- Anonymous, December 25, 2002

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