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what is the critique of evening star by edgar allan poe

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2002


Early poem, resurfaces as material for "Ulalume" later. Evening star= Venus= lady of loveor Astarte of "Ulalume". Thomas Moore has an opposite theme(stars too distant, the paler moon more cold)that Poe may be rebelling against. Other poems on the "too cold moon" are "Dreams", Tamerlane, Al Araaf, Ulalume.

The first eight lines(to set up the scene completely for the rebellious comment Poe is about to make), rhyming the second line of the short verse change suddenly to the Moore jauntier, happier structure.(abba with the two b lines slightly shorter than the bracketing a's. The midsummer night setting is warm and more in line with Venus's influnece comments on the tyranny of the Moon over the other lights. "I gaz'd awhile on her cold smile" shows the first stiring of the poet's reaction. "Too cold, too cold for me." The cloud passes as a shroud covering the tyrant and allowing him to turn to see the star better revealed. He mentions pride twice in relation to the Evening Star, thy distant fire, and disses that colder, lowly light.(closer oppressive). You can tie this in emotionally with Poe'sgeneral allegiance to the underdog, unattainable, the fiercer fire, and his sentiments on the popular big and deader light. Could have ranted on about borrowed sunlight but he makes his feelings known within his reflections and preferences in observing the sky. The stars also will act as deeper symbols in other poems, the connection to the heavens, the ideal, the future and past, the eyes of the idealized women he loves. The Moon becomes a repressive symbol, deadly seal on Poe's tragic disappointments. And Poe does this in discord with the lighter Moore melody, though he does add a syllable or two to slow down snappy pace.

Neat and subtle takeoff on the Moore poetic structure and (too)common sentiment. Moore's "Irish Meldies"- "While gazing on the Moon's Light".

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2002

i hate edgar allan poe

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2003

i love edgar allen poe.

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2004

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