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I make vcd movies in pinnacle studio 8. From 1 big avi file and set chapter for every scene. when i play them in my dvd, works fine, but if i try to step to next chapter it returns to the menu. Is it so that vcd manage chapter like this?

-- daila alfone (, December 18, 2002


Maybe it's a bug in Pinnacle. I don't know as I've never used it. If you do a web search on VCDeasy you can download it for free and try it. You can use it to set "entry points", which is the technical term on VCD for what you call "chapters". I have used VCDeasy and entry points work correctly. Sometimes authoring programs require you to define what happens when you change chapters. This might be the case with Pinnacle and if so, it should be pretty easy to fix. You just tell it that entry point 1 is followed by entry point 2, which is followed by entry point 3, and so on.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), December 19, 2002.


I experience exactly the same problem. DVD works perfect, but on (S) VCD's this problem occurs. I use the latest version and the bug is still there. It seems to be a known problem. Please let me know if there's a solution. Best regards, Hans

-- Hans de Valk (, September 28, 2003.

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