Quick Fixes for Multiple Problems

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I recently purchased a 1992 900S with numerous problems including bad head gasket which I replaced. Engine would not Idle on cold start, acceleration sluggish, a/c blower would not switch, cruise not working, and radio code was needed. Fuses checked OK, checked the AIC (Air Idle Control valve) and found that the connector was corroded where it is inserted. Scraped it out with a pocket screwdriver and found the same on several other connectors; MAF (mass air flow meter), Block Temperature sensor, etc. Amazingly, everything started working and I just wondered how much a shop would have charged me to fix all these things. I imagine I would have paid for a lot of parts. The radio code I found written on the side of the radio, which is easily removed with four 16 penny nails (ground the points down) inserted in the lock release holes on the face. Hope this helps others avoid some unecessary expense.

-- Brant Bennett (aimsbmb@aol.com), December 18, 2002

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