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Do you know where i can find manuals for the rolleiflex sl35? I“m also searching informations about the Rolleiflex SL35 body and Carl Zeiss lenses. Thanks.

-- Joćo Ferreira (, December 18, 2002


Hi! I've the same problem...didi you find out anything?! Please let me know, Thank you


-- Glenda (, May 11, 2003.

I have just inherited a SL35 with manuals and a set of Zeiss lenses. Unfortunately the manual is in German, which is fine for me but not maybe for you. I can scan the German version and e-mail to you, or if you need a specific question answered I can try translate a section of the manual for you.


-- Marcel (, May 24, 2003.

I have a manual for a rolleiflex SL35E. If you still need one let me know I'll scan it for you.

-- Robert Hil (, May 25, 2003.

You can find what you want at: The have the original for $24, and scanned reprints for $12.

-- Edgar Blanco (, June 13, 2003.

Hi All: I just got a Rolleiflex SL35E which I have no ideal how to use it,can somebody give me a helping hand? or mail me the copy of manual will be great! Thanks Chang from Taiwan

-- Her-Chong,Chang (, January 06, 2004.

Dear Friend I have two SL35 cameras and both have serious problems in their mechanism of exposition (they did not respect the time etc. Please can give me an adress in Italy or in German to repaire my cameras. Sincerely yours Salvatore Musumeci

-- Musumeci Salvatore (, March 08, 2004.

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