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Some fucker is using a page redirect to line his pockets by increasing traffic to the site ‘’. Outwar’s contact page is down, however the id number of the cunt who did this is 39569. I suggest that all users of this board complain to them as you feel appropriate.

To be fair to Charles King (, here is his original post that was hijacked—

“I've managed to successively encode my first divx file to VCD. Now, that I'm on my second trail, I've just encoded another divx file which needed splitting into two parts. I've followed all the instructions(downloaded and printed out) to the T. I've successively completed CD1 and tested it out. The movie and sound are alright. Now, folowing the same directions as I did for the first; setting the second half of the divx file using the end frame point as the start and dragging the cursor to the end of the time-line; setting that as the end point. I finally went ahead and encoded the second half of the file. When completed, I tested it out on my computer and to my surprise there was no sound. I tested it out on another computer and still no sound but the video was perfect. Any ideas? By the way, are you suppose to hear the audio track when you preview the file being encoded using the TMPG encoder program? I don't get any sound.”

-- Sick of You (, December 18, 2002


sorry i cant help you but i have the same problem if you do get any infomation please would you forward it to me it would be much appreciated thanx

-- stonehouse (, December 22, 2002.

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