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I would like to tranfer my party videos to cd and then to DVD. i've got some dvd ripping products but haven't used them yet. if anyoe could either tell me how to do it or direct me to a site that can it would be much appriciated. thanks


-- Troy C (, December 17, 2002


Go to and do a LOT of reading. You probably don't want to transfer to CD first. CD capacities are low compared to DVD and to get your videos to fit, you'll have to use a low resolution format like VCD. If your ultimate goal is to make a DVD, you should read up on how to do that. Read every guide they have a VCDhelp. The more you learn about what is possible, the better idea you'll have on accomplishing your goal.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), December 18, 2002.

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-- ass (, December 18, 2002.

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