I really need to know the sumary of the Raven cause its for a paper due tomorrow. Please HELP!!!

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Please HELP!!! I need to know the summary of the Raven cause its for a paper due tomorrow and i have a poem of the Raven but i dont understand it. Your help would be very much appreciated!

-- Anonymous, December 16, 2002


On reading Poe. Do not be daunted. Poe can be vague, can toss out complex and mysterious allusion, but that is also for the effect that he intends to be obvious and apparent to any reader. AND the story is very simple though the emotion of mixed horror and suspense is harder to explain. Just ignore the ornament and outline the plot and structure. You can go back and get a lot more out of it. The first reading should provide the most imprtant impression. A dark and lonely night, a man trying to bury himself in books to forget his lost Lenore is interrupted by the bird. Intrigued by this oddity he toys with hthis as an omen of fate and enters his own amused mind trap by dialoguing with the bird who can only say "Nevermore." It becomes harder for the reader as he goes along with this mind game to rmember that the narrator is doing it all to himself with this timely prop of nature, creating artful word symbols that bring his own hidden despair into the open, a crushing shadow of inescapable grieving memory.

-- Anonymous, December 18, 2002

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