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Hello all,

Recently on my trip in Hong Kong, I purchased a collection of recent Hong Kong movies on VCDs. Upon returned to the U.S., I attempted to play the VCDs on my DVD player (Akai DVPS-760). The picture quality looks good, no problems. However, I'm experiencing over-lapping Cantonese and Mandarin languages via the audio output. It appears that both languages are . Each VCD package indicates that the movie supports both languages. I tried to set the options on my DVD to resolve the problem; however, I have been unsuccessful. Just wondering if anyone else have experienced this same overlapping audio problem?

Thank-you in advance.


-- Chung Ho Yu (, December 16, 2002


What I think has happened here is that a Stereo soundtrack is being used, with the Left output containing one of the language tracks and the Right output containing the other language track.


What you need to do is separate these, so that only the Left or Right output from the Stereo mix plays. Your best bet would be to go to your Television options and select either the Left or Right sound outupt. This should hopefully solve your problem !

-- -- (, December 16, 2002.,

Thanks for your timely response. Your suggestion has resolved my problem. Now...the audio sounds correct, only one language. Again, thank-you.


-- (, December 16, 2002.

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