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hi...i want to knew more about the charecter in the storuy of full of the house of usher ....and linking it with the theme of death or death as an state of being in the story ...i want this information as soon as possiple...thank you ,,,,,

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2002


The house, the scenery, the Ushers and their entire line are captured on the point of total collapse. (the Valdemar story of the dead man held in life supprt suspension by hypnosis while he rots away, The poem "The City in the Sea", etc). Hovering on the brink of the abyss(Maelstrom etc.)despairing and fixated on inescapable fate though still rebelling like madeleine clawing her way out of the tomb only to drag her brother down with her anyway.

-- Anonymous, December 18, 2002

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