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Dear Colleagues The second stage of the Advanced Kinesiology Course is fast approaching and I want to get your ideas on the format of the 3 days. I have talked to quite a lot of you now and the overwelming opinion is that you should choose some topics to work with on the three days and I will develop flow charts for the conditions and show how you can use the course material to approach these problems. It would be best to spend some time developing the flow charts, so I am asking you to contact me by letter or email what conditions that you would like me to cover, to give me time to prepare the material properly. We can then print them up and add to your “little” manual. Conditions already suggested are rheumatoid arthritis, tinnitus, chronic fatigue syndrome, ulcerative cholitis. Make some suggestions. The CD of the material is nearly ready and should be available by middle January. If you want a copy, let me know, it will cost £100 and any cheques which will not be cashed before the CD is sent to you. That way, you can familiarise yourselves with using the CD. I will do my best to get it ready in time, but it is taking longer than expected. Best wishes Richard Holding

-- Anonymous, December 15, 2002

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