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Why did Edger Allen Poe chose the Raven as his topic for his Poem.

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2002


Edgar chose the Raven because a Raven is a black creature that symbolized darkness, evil, and dispair; things that fellow descenters will agree upon. The Raven was what he himself called "that species of dispair which delights in self-torture."

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2002

I think that Poe used a raven as the symbol because it does symbolize darkness and despair and the whole poem that "The Raven" is about is those things. Poe was somewhat of a "dark" man as some would put it, and his poems are just a reflextion of himselk in a way.

-- Anonymous, December 13, 2002

Ravins are evil !!!! duh

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2002

he choose the raven for he was in a dark and lone some place at this time or some thing

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2002

edgars mum was the raven and she came for a visit with some cookies, but by the time she got there she dropped all the cookies and he asked where the cookies are and she said "never more"

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2003

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