Does anyone know where i can buy the Philips CDi? I need 20 of them : LUSENET : Video CD : One Thread

I need to source 20 portable video playing devices. I'm open to suggestions as to what might be a good device to purchase, but have been pointed in the direction of the Philips CDi which was brought out some years ago and is apparently uncommon these days.

Essentially i'm looking for a cheap way of playing short movie sequences using a portable device. I could purchase portable DVD players with 5" screens for @ 400 but need something a little cheaper, especially as i'm going to buy 20 of them!

Hope someone can assist.


Angus Webb

-- Angus Webb (, December 12, 2002


Buy a Playstation (PSONE and the LCD ($149 for combo @ KMart) and spent the $30 or so $ for the VCD addon. Now you're under $200 USD (Or under 150 $L).

-- CT (, December 12, 2002.

I think that guy is in the UK, and they don't have KMarts over there.

-- (!@!.!), December 13, 2002.

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