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Please could someone tell me in easy to follow steps, how to get my Sony DAV-S300 DVD player to play CD-R, VCD-R and DVD-R?

Also how do I make it multi regional?


-- (, December 12, 2002


There are no easy answers to this. You should start with the DVD player compatibility list at and see what it says about your player. I don't know about the UK, but some older Sony models in the US didn't support CD-R media. They worked fine with CD-RW and the old Prime Peripherals brand of CD-R discs, which are no longer available. If you have one of the older Sonys that don't support CD-R, you should either use CD-RW or buy another player. Sony players typically can only be made multi regional with expensive modifications. Try for details.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), December 13, 2002.

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