Pompano Man Gives Drivers The One-Finger Salute - Unique Wooden Display Stands Out Among Santas, Reindeers, Lights

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Posted: 7:38 a.m. EST December 11, 2002 Updated: 8:36 a.m. EST December 11, 2002

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- Among South Florida holiday lawn displays, one in particular is spreading less than good cheer.

You don't have to look very carefully to spot the giant wooden middle finger (pictured) among the lawn Santas, reindeer and lights in one Pompano Beach neighborhood.

The homeowner said he was inspired when someone speeding by his yard hit and killed his Jack Russel terrier, Whiskey.

He says his lawn decor is working like a traffic signal. But while drivers may be slowing down, neighbors are heating up.

"There's no reason to put something like that in the front yard where kids are going to see it and we have to drive past it every day," said neighbor Shelly Cavalancia.

"It is offensive because you know I don't think that something like that should be advertised out in the front yard," said neighbor Wayne Small.

The resident said his first sign that read "slow" and a painted "slow down" warning on the street didn't work.

His finger, according to city officials, is a personal expression on private property. So for now, the unique display will remain.

-- Anonymous, December 11, 2002


And I suppose the fact that the dog was in the road wasn't the owner's fault?

-- Anonymous, December 13, 2002

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