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I am in the process to building a new HO layout which will have two reverse loops. Do I have to (should I) use auto reverse mod.'s if I have DCC? Also, with DCC do I just put power to the track and let the decoders do all of the work??? Thank you for your time, Todd Bailey

-- Todd Bailey (, December 10, 2002


You need to provide some kind of mechanism to reverse the polarity of the rails in a reverse loop with DCC just as you do with DC. The easiest way to do it is to use an auto reverse module or a separate booster that can perform the auto reverse function. There are several choies on the market. The simplest is from MRC. You should consider if you wnat other functions too though like multiple power districts each with a separate electronic circuit breaker. The simplest choice may not be the most cost effective.

Not sure what you are asking in regard to the decoder question. Generally you power all your track - no block switching (like DC cab control) is required.


-- Dale Gloer (, December 11, 2002.

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