Poe's Ulalume

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Can anyone give a few sentence overview of what this poem is about?

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2002


i'm doing this poem for my junior research paper. its about his 13- year-old cousin, whom he married, and died. he wrote this and "anabel lee" for her. thats all i can tell you for now

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2003

Yes, as the previous poster noted, Poe married his cousin when she was very young. She died of consumption (Tuberculosis) when she was in her twenties--that is where the bit about the wind came from.

The poem is essentially a lament for his lost love, although it seems to, like "For Annie," have an undertone of hope, and being able to move on with life without leaving the memories of one's love behind. But that's just my impression of it, really.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2003

On September 9, 1849 Poe recited several of his poems to a group of his friends on the veranda of the Hygeia Hotel in the city of Norfolk, VA, one of the poems was "Ulalume. He had previously transcribed it to a Miss Susan V.C. Ingram of that city. It was reported that Poe,himself, was at a loss to explain what the poem meant or what he really fancied he meant by the poem. This information was obtained from Fort Monroe, VA, where Poe served some military time.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2003

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