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Hi If you can please help.

Ive burnt vcd with Nero 5.5. It goes through the motions and tells me all is alright but when I check the cd there is nothing on it. When I check out the disc on nero express it says the disc has stuff on it.

Any Ideas???

-- Derek Forster (, December 09, 2002


Yes, now you can use the CD as a coaster.


-- (!@!.!), December 09, 2002.

There are certain combinations of Nero versions and certain CD-R/RW drives that produce exactly what u saw. For example, in one instance I used a SCSI HP CD-writer 9200 and until I went past Nero everytime I copy some VCDs or took their avseq**.dat files to author a new one it will go through the motions and in fact Windows will declare it's filled up when you see its properties, but on opening the directory nothing is there. Best you upgrade to the latest Nero or get another CD-R drive. Or, some swear by this, in the ISO tab in nero check the simplest ISO9660 8.3 level directory structure, do NOT check Joliet and do not check >than 255 chractrs in directory, etc.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, December 10, 2002.

I've also had a similar problem. My suggestion is: Go to Menu, then "my computer", then to the cd drive. Open the cd up so you see all the files. Look for a icon in the shape of a video camera. Click on that and the movie should begin.

-- (, December 23, 2002.

I have had ~50 % success rate with Nero (bought kind, not the crappy free download version). I have tried both CR-R and CD-RW ,aterial and half the time the result is a "coaster" CD. I swear that if the other 50% effort had not turned out perfect, I would be ranting right now. In short, I am not sure which radio buttons that I correctly enabled that made it work. So the next video CD I burn, I am keeping my fingers crossed P.G.

-- PG (, March 31, 2003.

I installed an adaptec aspi for xp and then I could see the vcd files.

-- tim (, May 09, 2003.

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