poes influences?

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what would you say poes historical and cultural influences are????? plz write back!!!


-- Anonymous, December 09, 2002


Southern merchant class upbringing, but lonely as a foster child separated from his siblings and later rejected by Allan in favor of his new son. Educated in Britain, West Point, University of Virginia. Influenced artistically and very personally by the lives and works of the English Romantics who came shortly before his time. Also dablled in all the popular literary forms for magazines(German Gothic stories, articles, essays and literary criticism that he raised to new heights). Lived in several of the largest American cities, north and south(Baltimore, Richmond, Phildelphia, New York, Boston). Pursued the new sciences and explorations of the time. Read some more thorough sources.

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2002

Most of his influences came from the masses of depression that fell upon his throughout his life, the first being David Poe deserting Elizabeth and Poe. Going from there, John Allen didn't favor Poe, and even though John had received a fortune at one time during Poe's debt status at the University of Virgina, John refused to wipe the slate clean. The death of his wife/cousin Virginia Clemm had an impact on him as well, which followed the publication of The Oval Portrait and Annabel Lee. Plus his uncontrolled drinking problems have been put into some of his stories, such as The Black Cat and the Cask of Amontillado.

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2002

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