Iam a 17 yr old minister who has just been accepted to Allen University I want to know about this money the AMe church has to offer.

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I have been in the AME church since 1994, and has served this church well. I have been told since day one that whenever I go to college I will have funding to do so, coming from this great church, I want to know all about this money. Im in the ministry third yr in the board of examiners, and in good standing in the North Carolina Conference please help.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2002


Brother I do applaud you for gettign accepted to Allen. A great school with a rich history and tradition. First thing you need to do next month is apply for Financial Aid. You do not make it through a private black school without Financial Aid. To get free monies from the government, you must feel out a FAFSA form. Contact theleaders in your Conference and the leaders at the school and see what kind of help they are willing to offer to you. If they told you they would help, hold them to that but if you are going off of word of promise or mouth then you best to find yourself some outside monies to go to school on.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2002

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