Targets and KPIs for maintenance of Anti Virus Protection : LUSENET : Service Level Management : One Thread

Can anyone help with these? I am looking for practical working examples of keeping the business reassured that anti virus protection across desktops and servers is maintained. This being matched with targets and measurements achievable for the infrastructure teams, in line with reviewing third party contracts for the AVT vendor to supply updates...

Any feedback/help appreciated Thanks Mo

-- Mo Khan (, December 09, 2002


Why not modify a common quality metric used in software testing (Defect Removal Efficiency), which is the ratio of defects discovered in testing to the defects that slip into production?

Instead of defects, use viruses caught by AVT to viruses that slip by.

Bear in mind that the AVT profiles need to be updated on a short interval schedule in order for it to be effective. It's also useful to pay frequent visits to CERT/CC for the latest vulnerabilities and threats.

-- Mike Tarrani (, December 09, 2002.

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