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I've been looking over the posts on this site for information regarding Peter Chung's recent work. I was excited to hear about his episode for the Animatrix, and was curious about his "independent animated feature project." Was this topic given elaboration anywhere? Does Peter have a web-page that gives updates about his current work? As eric asked (maybe crudely) "Is there bigger dreams then that of aeon?" Is this independent animated project being done in conjuction with/for someone else or is this Peter's next brainchild. By this I mean his characters, story, ideas, animations, etc..."a Peter Chung Film."

-- Peter Atsave (, December 09, 2002


First off, one of the animated short film episodes Peter Chung is working on for "The Animatrix" is not "independent". It is in fact liscensed under Warner Bros. just as "The Matrix" is as well. It is also supervised under the Warchowski brothers. As far as finding information on Peter Chung's updated projects, trying running it through a search engine and you'll find something (try: Google or Yahoo). If you want to find any updates on "The Animatrix", there are really no true updates besides the official Matrix website ( Go there and look under "Anime" column and you'll find it with the trailer as well. Check it out, it is tight!!!

-- Toan Vong (, January 17, 2003.

This was the original e-mail I was responding to Toan, clearly the ani-matrix episode is being done for the warners but my intrest was directed towards the end of Peter's e-mail, his reference to development of his independent animated feature project.

Eric's odd presumptions aside (a "big hit", etc), I will answer this question as I'm amazed and grateful that there remains such activity on this board. What's happening is this: Animation production has wrapped on "Matriculated", my 16- minute Animatrix episode. We are now beginning post production work. Music and sound design are being handled by the same teams that did the Matrix movie. I will be directing voices with Mr. Jack Fletcher-- the man. Not much dialogue, though. This will have a feeling similar to the AF shorts-- intricate visual storytelling (but with better production values). The dvd will be released probably around June, next year. It will include making- of documentaries and substantial on-screen interviews with the directors.

So for now, it's back to work on development of my independent animated feature project.

-- Peter Chung (, October 26, 2002.

-- Peter Atsave (, February 08, 2003.

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