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I saw this great show the other day on some cable channel about the director Sam Fuller. He directed movies from another time it's true, but they were well directed. He said rather than have his character's TALK about the point of a film he preferred to SHOW it. This reminded me a lot of something Peter Chung once said on this forum about unecessary explainatory dialog. Looking at one of the cels on sale on Ebay from End Sinister I noticed the alien's 'hole' in the center of her body was the shape of a human and suddenly thought maybe the idea was the 'person' was missing from that alien's being. That the direction of the human race was going forward in such a way as to leave out the human in us...(this is my guess as to what the director meant) but you have to admit...without dialog the director made his point, and with more emotional impact.

-- Barb e. (, December 08, 2002

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