his detective story-NEED IT TODAY PLEASE!

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all about his detective sroties did he invented them? what style did they had? what are the main characteristics of it. why are they so popular? PLEASE I NEED IT FOR TODAY!

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2002


I am getting out of time, if you know where i can get iformation about it please let me know. His detective stories its for my term paper mostly about what is the technique he uses in it. why it is so original and breathtaking.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2002

ww.eapoe.org has all the sories "The Murders on the The Morgue" "The Purloined Letter" "The Gold Bug" "The Mystery of Marie Roget".

As an offshoot of Gothic writing they solve the dark mysteries of murder and crime using intensely inutitive logic, a wedding of the Romantic hero with a progressive rationalist. The characteristics most imitated in this genre Poe created: the ingenious private detective, his less ingenious companion(narrator), a stalwart and baffled chief inspector unsuccessfully using old police methods, writing the story backward from the crime and leaving a trail of clues the reader might be able to use, philosophizing by the detective, classic plots(locked room, object hidden in plain sight, puzzle solving, crime taken from real life that Poe himself(a la Conan Doyle)"solved."

Popularity stems from combining the elements of Gothic, puzzle solving, the rational hero, the lure of sensational crime andmystery into an involving storywhere one can match wits with the detective and at least feel smarter than the others in the story.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2002

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