A Madman's Tale (Story)

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I am trying to find again a monologue by Poe, I think was called, "A Madman's Tale (or Staory). In 1952 for my high school drama class we were required to do a monologue. From a book the teacher had I seleced a tale about a madman locked up in a cell and wraped in chains to restrain him. The madman speeaks about once being afraid of going mad, but liked it now as a madmdam's gaze was feared more than a monarch's glare. He had chopped people up with an axe, and the townfolks were comming for him. Unfortunately, I did not keep a copy and have been unable to find this short drama / story. Help! The other possibility is that Stephen Crane wrote it. Morris

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2002

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