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On my husbands behalf I have been fighting with the Halifax for quite some time. A few weeks ago I thought I had played my trump card. The Halifax have always stated that, they could not inform him of the state of his mortgage because they did not have his current address. We stated that they did. When we SARN'd the Halifax there had been an amendment on his personal details record dated 9/6/97. That was the date he changed his address. We kept asking what was this amendment for if not his change of address and the Halifax kept saying they could not comment on this until I sent them a copy of the file I was refering to. So I did just that. Today a letter came back stating that they have considered the document showing the customer details and the amendment but there is no way of knowing what the amendment was or why. Are they lying? Should it not be noted somewhere what the amendment was for? The strange thing is, they soon found his address when they wanted the 8,000 shortfall! Can I use this in court as a hearing date has been set for January.



-- Christine Singleton (, December 06, 2002


Yes you can, if a change was actioned on his account there must be an audit trail that tells them what change was made.

-- Lee Wisener (, December 19, 2002.

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