Who and how many shall lead us?

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As the mid-point of our quadrenium comes to a close I am delighted to see our discussion board looking forward. Bro. Dickens recently posted (quite correctly) our Church has to seperate the contenders from the pretenders. Rev. Paris has steadfastly indicated we should downsize the bench of Bishops. Thusly my question who(m)and how many shall lead us?

If we are prepared to copy the formula used in the creation of the First and Second Episcopal Districts we could move more states into collective Districts or set the size of Districts by the number of Churches per District. We could downsize the number of Bishops by two mabe three at 2008 (Sorry I don't think 2004 is realistic). The General Conference should mandate that the Church set forth three plans for the next four years and follow them through with achievable results. Catagories could be: 1 Administrative (take the business and put in hands of business persons in the Church)Posts of service should be selected not elected and all post should generate revenue to offset salaries and operations expenses. 2 Liturgical Concentration on Spiritual Growth and development of laity and clergy. Local and international development of self-help agencies and programs Counselling and rehabilitation for members and workers who need support

3. Missionary (Need I say more)

Executive committees already in place can and should be used so as to avoid creation of new and unnecessary committees. Reports of progress should be measured

Finally a yardstick for measuring the requirements for Episcopal Honors. Do we need to any further affirmative poltical programming in selecting Bishops? If we follow the dream then the content of the character will be the criterion that counts first.Set that criterion and stick to it I believe we will see great results

Feed back anyone?

Thank You and God Bless You in advance!!!!!

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2002


As for downsizing, I would need to see a plan. At the last General Conference, there were several plans floating around. One plan that I liked was the plan to "break up" the 16th District and align one of each of the annual conferences to a US District that did not have an island nation as an annual conference. For instance, SC, the 7th District, would get the island of Jamaica and etc.

I would be opposed to any plan that splits up SC in any way. We have the largest membership in the least amount of space. Our bishop travels from his residence to the farthest point in the district in 2 1/2 hours. Unless he has several engagements clustered together in one geographic area, he does not have to stay over or fly in which cuts down on expenses that congregations and organization who secure the bishops services. It's the best situtation for a bishop.

Again, I'd need to see a plan before being able to pass judgement. The scheduled Convos should prove to be quite interesting and full of health discussion for the sake and life of our church. The first one is scheduled for Orlando preceding the WMS Executive Board.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 2002

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