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Does any one know better and easy way to created VCD Karaoke? I tried to created by using my computer, I did try Adobe Premier 6.0, Ulead Media Studio and KKit Demo version, I never get some thing like VCD Karaoke.

-- Cher Her (, December 05, 2002


You can try to use the KarVid - software for creating high quality video karaoke files. KarVid is designed for fast converting .kar (or .mid) files into video files. It is available on

-- Michael Almon (, February 05, 2003.

Use Karaoke Builder Studio version 3.0.07 to create a BIN File with CD+G then convert it to AVI. Once this part is done go to Premiere 6.5, import the AVI file to the video 2 track, using the transparency key to overlay on top of your video-clip. Once you have your AVI file made, then use MPEG Encoder in Premiere to convert to MPEG-2 then go to DVD Architect (from Sonic) to make Menu and burn to DVD. If you would like to make a SVCD use Ulead DVD Workshop. See details with screenshoots and a final video-clip in .WMV (Win Media Player) at this link -> ( ID: karaoke , PW: guest )

-- Keelan Ly (, June 25, 2003.

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