where was poe most famous?

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where was poe most famous at? I heard it was europe but im not sure, i need more information about that?help!

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2002


I think you are referring to the early reputation of Poe that was trashed for nearly 25 years in America due to his enemies(still continues by literary traditions that dislike Poe and popular misconsceptions). But in France, his soul mate was poet Charles Baudelaire who translated and remade Poe into a literary icon of a new approach to poetry and theory. Eventually Mallarme(with a famous epitaph poem Le Tombeau d'Edgar Poe) championed Poe's insistence of art for art's sake without the didactic pre-purposes of many other writers. Ingram in England became a great collator and distributor of all Poe's works and his biography. Poe's works have been unversally popular in themselves and influential in many countries as far away as Russia(Pushkin, Dostoievski). The Raven the Gothic tales and detective stories whatever their other value were the most poipular. Lincoln liked the Dupin stories.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2002

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