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I an amature photographer. I tried several times to take BW photo but the print is not giving the desired sharpness; contrast and more over smoothness. The black shaded part does not come with smooth and uniform. Ofcourse printing is done from the professional studio. Can any body tell me how to get crispy print in BW photography


-- D Dutta (, December 05, 2002


Hi Dutta, Firstly, some questions... What type of film and film speed are you using? Also, what sort of camera? What sort of paper are your negatives being printed onto? I'd recommend using a slower film (like Ilford 100 Delta Professional). Try a different lab maybe, and get them to print onto glossy paper. Also, talk to your lab- they may be able to give you some hints and tips!

-- Helen Polson (helen@*NO_SPAM*, January 30, 2003.

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