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Hi! I was just wondering how your one-act has been going for you. I've heard great things about your program, and was curious as to how you've done at competitions. I live far away from Lincoln now, so I don't hear a lot. Thanks!

-- Renee Douglas (, December 03, 2002


The play is Emma's Child. It was Conference champion. There were serveal actors and actresses that received special commendation for their performance, and one of our girls was proclaimed best actress.

The district competition is Dec 5, where we perform at 9:00 PM at Lincoln High. The district winner will go to state

-- Walt Hamilton (, December 04, 2002.

We went to districks and lost.

-- Seks hammerdogg (, December 21, 2002.

Actually, at the district contest we were second to a very deserving winner, who went on to place 6th in state competition. Three of our girls and two of our guys (an unusually high number) received special commendation for their acting.

On a side note, it tells something of the values system that our young people have bought into when you realize that they think second (out of eight) is "losing"!!!

-- Walt (, December 23, 2002.

Thanks for all your answers. I can understand how disappointing it can be to seemingly 'lose' when you've really just done your best. I think that is all we want our kids to do....they just have that weird thinking that if they don't win overall they've lost completely. Imagine how the one-act that got first at districts felt to get the place they did at state? I can't imagine it was fun, especially since they obviously did well....didn't they? What was their play like? Emma's Child sounds like a serious play, and I think it is great that teenages can dive into parts that require the deepest emotions. Your one-act should be proud. Well, again thanks, and good luck in the years to come.

-- Renee Douglas (, December 24, 2002.

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